Earphone Failure

Earphone Failure

Get Rid of Headphone Jack Issues!

Hissing, crackling or fading sound spoils the musical or gossiping mood. There could be various reasons why your earphone piece is not work. Dirt or dust could also be one of the reasons but, even after cleaning the jack nicely you think there is no improvement in sound quality then bring it to us. We’ll test and find the root cause of the problem.

We are here to serve you with walk-in repairs. We can diagnose the issue quickly and troubleshoot it right there in front of you.

You can rely on us for apt repair of earphone failure because –

  • We follow step-by-step troubleshooting step
  • We offer warranty on our service even if the device is out of warranty
  • We have the apt tool to fix the issue without damaging any parts
  • We offer after-service assistance in certain selected conditions