Speaker Failure

Speaker Failure

Get Your Phone’s Volume Back !

Mobile phones are equipped with two speakers – internal and external. The internal speaker lets you hear people on the other side of the phone during a call while the latter on gives you the sound for phone rings, music and videos.

Speaker failure in mobile can be a result of faulty wire, mother board issues or any other internal issues. An iPhone without a speaker is like a party without music. Don’t let your mobile phone be on mute. Bring it to us as we expertly find the exact cause of the issue and make sure no other part is bothered. >

Why to get your mobile’s speaker repaired by us?
We are reliable for –

  • Fixing both internal and external speakers
  • Troubleshooting the software issue
  • Repairing the mobile in given turnaround time
  • Parts we use while repairing
  • Speaker replacement